Posted on 3rd of June, 2019

Caffe Mundi


Caffe Mundi is an authentic coffee bar in the center of Antwerp. On a daily basis customers get to choose from different blends of freshly roasted and rare coffee beans from several exotic countries like Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Guatemala. In their own roasting house ‘Cross Roast’, situated next to the coffee bar, the beans get roasted hand-made to ensure the highest quality. Isabelle van Echelpoel and Tom Helsen founded Caffe Mundi in December 2013.

The founders are always on the lookout for new technology that lifts their Caffe to a higher level. Since the end of July 2015 they are able to open all doors by using their smartphones.


Isabelle and Tom chose to upgrade the Caffe with a smart way to provide access to employees and suppliers: SALTO KS Keys as a Service. “When we started there were only two keys available for the two buildings” says Isabelle. “We had to be present at all times to open the door for employees or we had to lend out a key. Often that key got taken back home so we needed to locate the missing key, which took up a lot of our time”.


Caffe Mundi needed a wireless electronic access control system that allowed remote access management. SALTO KS made access control management less time consuming for Caffe Mundi and it helps them:

  • Provide access on the go: One of the main reasons why Caffe Mundi chose SALTO KS was the mobile function of the solution. Being able to do a remote opening from a distance is a big plus; it’s not necessary anymore for anyone to be physically at the Caffe to open doors for an employee or supplier.

  • Set up access groups: “It’s easy for us that there’s only one tag needed for any door in both the roaster house and the Caffe” “We arranged the access rights just the way we want to, and are able to alter these to our needs whenever it is required” The most often used function is ‘Office Mode’ that allows the team to automatically leave the door open for a specific timeframe. “We would like to use this handy function even more in the future”.

  • Feel safe: “SALTO KS meets our expectations perfectly and makes us feel safe” “There were times that we would come to the Caffe and the doors were forced, fortunately, those days are history”.

Quotation mark
SALTO KS meets and exceeds our expectations making us feel safe
Cafe Mundi staff


  • Use only one tag for multiple doors / buildings

  • Providing access on the go (remote opening)

  • Built-in intrusion alarm

  • Easy office mode

  • Time saving

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