Posted on 3rd of June, 2019

Maurice Verbaet Center


The Maurice Verbaet Center opened its doors in September 2015. In the museum, you can discover masterpieces from one of the largest collections of Belgian post-war art in Europe. “Contemporary Belgium artists are getting a lot more attention while the artists of the 50, 60 and 70s are left behind in their shadow, we want to change that”. The mvAc is making sure the artists that are left behind will not go unseen and are therefore exhibiting an extraordinary collection of Belgium post-war art. The mvAc recently replaced their mechanical keys with the high-end electronic access control system SALTO KS.


The facility manager of the mvAc, Axel Vandeputte explains it was a struggle to oversee who had a key when they were using the mechanical system. With more then 1500 m2 of space filled with valuable art this center was in desperate need of a user friendly and safe access control system. “We were simply forced to trust somebody to take good care of the key we gave him or her, which is not a safe feeling”. Among other things it was high priority to control the several spaces on the go since the staff isn’t always available to open or close up spaces.


The mvAc was in need of a wireless electronic access control system that allowed remote access management. SALTO KS was exactly what they needed. SALTO KS allows the mvAc to:

  • Provide access on the go: No need for staff to come in just to open or close a space. The ones that have specific access rights can unlock doors remotely, which saves a lot of time and frustration.

  • Secure their valuable art: No more mechanical keys that can’t be tracked down. Simply block a tag if it gets lost.

  • Create access groups: The ability to create groups of people that can come in at a specific time frame is very helpful, especially for exhibitions in limited areas.

The mvAc art gallery currently manages a total of 39 users and 24 doors with SALTO KS


  • Only use one tag for multiple spaces / locations

  • Providing access on the go (opening doors remotely)

  • Able to control access from smartphones

  • Revoke access rights outside general opening times or granting special access to a certain space.

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SALTO KS enables us to have more control by being able to use specific access rights. We can act quickly in different situations, and we are sure the art is always safe
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