Posted on 6th of June, 2019



Prosegur is a global benchmark in the private security sector; providing companies, homes and businesses with trusted security based on the most advanced solutions available on the market.

Prosegur wanted to enrich its offerings in the alarm monitoring industry and expand to cloud-based smart solutions as demanded by customers. Their single objective is to respond to the needs of their customers becoming their strategic security partner. To address this demand, Prosegur turned to SALTO’s cloud-based access control expertise.

With KS Custom, Prosegur was able to extend its portfolio and maximize their ROI. KS Custom allows Prosegur to provide to its customers; management of events at their house or businesses, abnormal data from locks, global support and security that is active, intelligent, technological and global.

Prosegur is focused on product innovation and security will play a key role on “the smart home”. With KS Custom, Prosegur can be assured that its premium customers will continue to be satisfied. Clay’s efficient global support will be able to sustain Prosegur’s growth for years to come.

Ready to get started? Get in touch to learn more about how we can integrate smart locks into your business.

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Partnering with SALTO to provide cloud-based smart locks is just one example as how Prosegur is focused on innovation. We’re thinking a step ahead to provide the best for our customers
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