Posted on 6th of June, 2019

Social House


Social House is a coworking and event space situated in Palm Beach County with a niche membership of small business owners, freelancers and independent workers representing the creative industries. Social House provides professional, creative and spacious meeting areas to accommodate workshops, popups and networking events. Social House also includes a commercial kitchen and bar.

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We can literally be in Oregon, on the other side of the country from where Social House is in Florida, and we can let a member in who has lost their tag, or we can let a maintenance technician into service an air conditioner that was unexpectedly broken. The convenience that SALTO KS has provided us has been beyond impressive.
Eric McGlynn


In 2015, husband and wife entrepreneurs Eric and Laura McGlynn opened Social House. When they sought to enter the booming coworking space industry, Eric says they wanted to create a special place where members of the creative community like writers, designers and photographers could feel like they were at home rather than in an office.

By providing a coworking space for dozens of members who come and go according to varying schedules Social House was in need of an access control solution. As a result, Eric and Laura made the decision to replace their existing mechanical locks that used traditional brass keys with an electronic access control solution.


The affordable, easy-to-manage SALTO KS solution made it the perfect choice for an installation like Social House. Owner Eric researched many access control solutions and trusted SALTO’s cloud technology from the beginning.

SALTO KS allows Social House to:

  • Manage access control from anywhere via the SALTO KS web interface or mobile application. Social House offers four coworking membership levels to over 40 clients that range from 24/7 access to access during office hours only.

  • Put doors in a permanent open state with Easy Office mode. This is helpful during the work week when Social House has regular business hours, or for when they host receptions or community events.

  • Enable a remote opening a feature that’s very helpful for when a member has lost a key fob and can’t gain access to the building. Features like Remote Open impress Eric and Laura the most since they are a bicoastal family that spends half of their time in Oregon.

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With all of the members, visitors, events and activities we host at Social House, access control management could, in theory, could have been a nightmare to control, but SALTO KS has made access control management for us at Social House very easy and we are grateful to have a product that we can rely on and manage from literally anywhere
Eric McGlynn

Main benefits of implementing SALTO KS for Social House:

  • Ability to program a Tag (key fob) according to the desired access level for employees, cleaning crew agents and maintenance workers

  • The availability to revoke a member’s rights

  • Enable access to the property according to the membership level and have the additional capability of letting in cleaning crews on Sundays and maintenance workers on an as-needed basis.

  • Control access during workshops and social functions that are regularly held at the property

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It would be almost impossible to manage our members now using the traditional key method,” he says. “SALTO KS has made managing access control for Social House incredibly easy which frees us up to focus on delivering the best service we can to our members.
Eric McGlynn

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