Posted on 3rd of June, 2019

The Wheelhouse


Located on one of the most beautiful canals in the centre of Amsterdam, The Wheelhouse is a curated coworking space for the creative industry. The stunning coworking space is situated in a historic building and has a bright Art Deco design. The space offers desks and offices for creatives and companies that enjoy working in an environment where knowledge, network and good times are shared. It includes a photo lab, two luxurious editing suites and an exhibition space that can be used as a private cinema, studio or presentation room. The Wheelhouse organizes weekly drinks and sessions relative to their network and industry at their private bar.

The Wheelhouse was smart from the beginning replacing their mechanical keys with SALTO electronic locks and going with SALTO KS.


‘Mechanical keys were something we wanted to avoid’ tells founder Balster van Duijn. With 35 creative professionals and a weekly program filled with social events, private dining, workshops, screenings and exhibitions it would’ve been very inefficient and time consuming to work with mechanical keys. We needed a system that allowed remote access, access groups and a helpful integration. This is what we found in SALTO KS.

The Wheelhouse was smart from the beginning replacing their mechanical keys with SALTO electronic locks and going with SALTO KS.


The Wheelhouse was in need of a wireless electronic access control system that allowed setting up access groups and specific timeframes. SALTO KS was exactly what they needed. SALTO KS allows the Wheelhouse to:

  • Provide access on the go: Unexpected guests can be let in by the members of the space by granting access from wherever and whenever.

  • Integrate with Office R&D: The user-friendly interface makes it possible for coworking space members to manage their bookings without assistance from space administrators.

  • Create access groups: Easily set up a group of members that are allowed to enter a certain space on a specific date and time, perhaps only on weekdays or between 8am-6pm, up to you.

  • View events: See exactly which member has come into which space at what time and keep track of valuable member data. This allowed Wheelhouse to determine which rooms need cleaning, which meeting rooms seem to be preferred and when the space is busiest or calmest during any day.

The Wheelhouse currently manages a total of 35 members and 5 doors with SALTO KS.


  • Integration with OfficeR&D, the coworking space management platform used by the Wheelhouse. With the integration members of the Wheelhouse are able to book rooms and get access via the same app. The staff can easily onboard members without duplication of work for both tools.

  • Providing access on the go (opening doors remotely from anywhere, anytime)

  • Only use one tag for multiple spaces / locations, no need for multiple keys

  • Time saving / efficiency, focusing more on member experience and less on managing keys, entries and lock replacements

  • Revoke or grant access to a certain space in a specific timeframe for different types of members and even cleaners or delivery services

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The feedback we got regarding the integration with Salto KS was more than positive. Our customers are no longer worried if the right people have the right access to their space. Through this integration, we save not only time for our customers but we also make maintaining security to their space much less error-prone.
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