Posted on 20th of November, 2020

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TNW was founded in 2006 when co-founders Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Patrick de Laive were looking for a tech event to showcase their new startup. One thing led to another and they soon realized they needed to host their event to check all their boxes and in promoting this, needed a platform. This is how was born which later transformed into the company which leads tech media today.

Today the company has grown from those two parts to four pillars that brought forth TNW News, TNW Deals, TNW Conference and Events. Through stories and insights, they aim to bridge the cross-generational gap through extraordinary events and workspaces. Their headquarters are found in the place where it all started, in Amsterdam.

With a total of 56 spaces, 90 doors, and 84 locks used, TNW has chosen SALTO KS to be their access control solution.

Their mission as the heart of tech with the TNW spaces is to provide a physical space for Tech startup and smart building solutions.

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With TNW at the centre of tech, we required our physical spaces to represent this, and smart access control solutions was an essential component.
Wai-Man Sun Head of facilities


TNW required a smart lock solution to fit their spaces in Amsterdam for which they decided to partner with SALTO KS. Once this collaboration started, there were a few hurdles at the beginning which motivated both parties to work through these issues to achieve a practical and reliable solution for TNW.

Once these were solved, the benefit of smart locks was quickly noticed by TNW. Additionally, both companies aligned on their values and positions in the wider tech community at the time and now continues to do.


For TNW, the main benefits of using SALTO KS are the lowered installation costs paired with cloud-based access control and access to an app. Their ways of opening are divided across their visitors for their spaces. Residents and members use Keycards while the Suppliers use physical Tags. Last but not least, the TNW team and management make use of Remote Opening.

The allocation of these ways of opening has been carried out with close consideration. The reason for Remote Opening being limited to internal staff is to avoid the risk of users accidentally activating Office Mode for the entrance doors outside of office hours. Office mode is the state a lock is in when it is permanently unlocked. This allows anyone to enter the lock without a SALTO KS Tag. The Remote Opening feature has also proven useful in times when the team has been able to save the day and open office doors for residents who have forgotten their Tags.

The SALTO KS web application and app interface have proved most valuable according to TNW according to Head of facilities, Wai-Man Sun. “We’re happy to see consistent improvements and added features,” he says.

Regarding integrations, they have recently started to implement OfficeRnD and are aiming for the integration with SALTO KS which enables you to completely automate door access control in your flexible workspace.

Looking to the future, TNW believes that the app can be even more user friendly, levelling with its high security. This is particularly with regards to the process of onboarding new users.

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As the heart of tech, we want to provide leading smart building solutions, and with SALTO KS, we can offer just that.
Wai-Man Sun Head of facilities


  • Lower installation costs.

  • Cloud-based access control.

  • A centralized and ergonomic app.

  • The flexibility to use Tags, Keycards or Remote Opening to access the building(s).

  • Revoking access in the event of credentials being lost is quickly and easily possible, meaning security is never compromised due to lost tags.

  • Remote opening of doors reduces response times and improves access.

  • The SALTO KS system has significantly reduced management time and overhead needed to manage access.

Curious about TNW? Check out their website!

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