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Does our KS system has firewall port setting requirement?

When presented to the Lock added Tags trigger the expected green LED light, but the KS portal doesn't show the added Tags. What should I do?

When connecting the IQ 2.0 through ethernet or WiFi local network settings can interfere with the IQ operation. Updates and normal operation requires different settings. Ideally, the IQ should be on a network where all outbound traffic for the IQ is accepted. This is the only way to ensure an update will work as it should and will ensure no issues with normal operation.

For updating, we use IP Any port could be used so the network must allow all outgoing traffic.

For normal operation, the IQ uses below IP-addresses and port 40000 and 40001, these should be whitelisted. Note that the IQ makes a connection to these ports on the CCC, but the connection is done from a random port. Thus, the IQ must be allowed to connect to external port 40000 or 40001 for this to work.

If it's not accepted the IQ must have access due to security reasons an M2M connection is an option.

If the IQ cannot connect, check the following:

Network requirements:

DHCP server that provides the IQ with an IP address

For WiFi: Preferably WPA or WPA2 encryption, otherwise an open network. 2.4ghz only.

For Ethernet: No network authentication (no 802.1X)

The IQ connects to a server on TCP ports 40000 and 40001

The IQ updates by downloading a file from our FTPS server