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How to link a cameramanager account to your SALTO KS account Precondition:

To be able to link a cameramanager account to a site, you need to be an Owner or admin of that site.

  1. After opening the SALTO KS app on your mobile device, go to the settings page and select KSconnect.
  2. Click on the cameramanager logo. The sites you have an admin or Owner role in will be shown and the status of the connection is indicated. The exclamation mark icon indicates that no cameramanager credentials have been provided. Provide your cameramanager credentials and press “connect”.

After you have been authenticated to cameramanager successfully, the available cameras in your account are shown.

You can link a camera to a door by selecting “manage door”. Select the door you want link the camera to and press, “done”. The selected door is now displayed below the camera preview.

When going back, the connection status has now been updated. On the door detail page, each door that has a camera attached to it will have an extra icon, displayed at the top left side of the screen.

It might take a little while to appear and will first be greyed out and then become white. Once it is white, you can tap it to show a live feed from the camera. You can tilt your phone to show a full screen version of the video feed, or tap the right top of the video screen to close it.

The events overview now has a new indicator for each event generated on a door that has a camera linked to it. Tapping the event will open an event detail page. The event detail page shows a still of the camera at the exact time of the event. Clicking this still image will show a video fragment from 15 seconds before till 15 seconds after the time of the event.