SALTO KS Lock Options

With the multiple types of lock options available in SALTO KS, great security and flexibility can be offered for any Site. The lock options are implemented in Office Mode(s) which are the following:

1. Office Mode

This is a continuous state in which the lock stays unlocked. While the door is in Office Mode, anyone may enter without the need to present a Tag. That is why it is referred to as “free entry”. If you have a business and you want the doors to stay open to the public during certain hours, the easiest way to do so is to put access into Office Mode (free entry). Then, when your business day has ended, exit Office Mode.

There are two ways to achieve this:

1a. Manual Office Mode (MOM)*

Manual Office Mode (MOM) offers the ability to (dis)engage Office Mode on an escutcheon by simply presenting a valid SALTO KS Tag while holding the inside handle on RFnet locks, or by presenting the tag for more than 5 seconds on a BLUEnet lock. Any type of lock can also be put in Manual Office Mode via the Web or Mobile App.

A person with Manual Office Mode rights can manually engage Manual Office Mode on every lock in a Site according to the access groups this person is in. The lock will stay in Office Mode until a User with the right role/permissions locks it again.

1b. Easy Office Mode (EOM)*

In this mode too, the lock stays unlocked, but now it is combined with a set schedule. This schedule allows for selected people to put it in Office Mode, at selected times, using their Tag. During the time the schedule is active, presenting a Tag will put a lock either in or out of Office Mode. Outside the schedule, presenting the Tag will result in a regular, temporary Tag-opening. When a lock is in Easy Office Mode and the timeframe ends, it will lock itself automatically.

This feature is useful for granting easy access, requiring no remote action to set the lock in Office Mode.

2. Override Privacy Mode

SALTO has released a special version of the XS4 lock that provides a Privacy function. This function allows a person to physically lock a door from the inside which then cannot be opened using a Tag, Digital Key or Remote Opening, even though a user might normally be authorised to do so.

Only the Site Owner and Site Admins can enable the Override Privacy Mode for each user.

Once the Site Owner or Admin enables this, the users would be able to open the lock with a Tag or their Digital Key even if the lock is in Privacy Mode.

If the Site Owner or Admin wants to, they could give the Override Privacy Mode option to a user only for an emergency situation and for a short time, and then after the user managed to open the lock, he could simply remove the option again.

*These modes require settings per lock/user via the Web App.

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