A new year, a new recap. We hope your year was as good as ours! There was a lot to be thankful for in 2019. Big and small challenges, victories and celebrations guided the team of SALTO KS throughout the year. As is tradition, we collected the most memorable moments of our year. Take a look!

No. 1 Highlight: The Great Migration

Number one with a bullet is by far, what we like to call it, ‘The Great Migration’. As the amount of SALTO KS users is growing rapidly, we have improved our technology and user experience to serve you better. In 2019 all users were able to meet the improved SALTO KS with a new url, interface and a new hardware page. In order for us to make sure this mission would be completed without incidents a couple of Bricks worked around the clock to make this happen for users all around the globe. A big round of applause for these real life heroes!

Any data migration is hard in itself and usually, you end up running a bumpy road, especially when we talk about the whole platform! Due to sensitive data which the KS platform holds, we had to make a special tool to help ourselves. In the end, we made it, and fortunately, it was a long and (mostly) enjoyable journey.
Darjan BogdanSoftware Developer

Clay’s Sunset, KS Sunrise 🌅

Where there is a sunset there is a sunrise. We officially said goodbye to my-clay.com. Not because our journey ended, but because our new keyless chapter will continue on saltoks.com. We are very excited to continuously improve and expand this important showcase of our products and projects.

We work in a fast-paced environment, where accommodating growth while adding new features and expanding the team is a daily challenge. I am proud to say that in 2019 we were stronger than ever and I can’t wait for us to take on 2020 elevating our platform to new heights.
Bart KlaverCTO

Project Highlights

Our projects never cease to amaze us. From the ‘flagship’ EDGE technologies Olympic building to the high-end Coliving providers The Collective and SONDER. We are extremely proud of the projects we got to work on in 2019:

Spotlight on a Brick 🧱🔦

Every Town Hall we shine a spotlight on one of our Bricks. They get to show us a glimpse into their lives in their own creative ways. This video by Rudy, our in-office Rockstar, made the best of 2019 cut. Enjoy! (and don’t forget to put on your headphones).

Integration Partners 💪

Our vision at SALTO KS would not have become a reality without the huge commitment and active contribution from our partners. We would like to thank Nexudus, Blue Water App, SONDER, The Collective, Zapfloor, OfficeRND and many more.


We look forward to another successful year with you!
Alexander RosdorffKSconnect Partner Manager

The Brick Awards 2019 👑

What is SALTO KS without the Bricks? Exactly. After we did a poll it became clear who we can depend on for the important stuff. Behold:

The Bricks: A diverse bunch of awesome

This year our mini office United Nations has grown to 20 different nationalities! Our multicultural team ensures that there is a minimum of 5 different languages spoken at any given time, a mix of traditional sweets and delicacies always in the kitchen, and an above-average collective knowledge of world geography!

Product Highlights 🦾

2019 has been an amazing year full of hard work, with new clients and partners, strengthening our relations and further spreading SALTO KS around the world. Looking very much forward to an even more exciting 2020.
Cem AkcaliProduct Manager

Best of Slack 💬

Slack, our in-office communication tool, is both our lifeline and biggest form of office entertainment. By this, we mean both work and play but sometimes, one leads to another...Take a look at some of the best moments from our #General and #Random channels below!

Spotlight on a Dealer 🗝️🔦

Among our favourite projects of the year, was the Spotlight on a Dealer series where we shine a light on the hard working people that are selling SALTO KS around the globe. This has led to insightful interviews about the challenges and advantages of selling cloud based access control solutions and a great way for us to rediscover the solutions from many different perspectives.

Keep an eye out in 2020 for more Spotlight on a Dealer interviews in exciting new locations! (are you a dealer and want to be featured? Send us a message!)

To me, this past year was incredible. To be able to tell the stories of the various foreign dealers by taking pictures gave me a sense of pride.
Vincent KingIn-house Photographer

Running Bricks 🏃

2019 was also the year of the running Bricks! We have our very own marathon squad whom we cheered on at the Amsterdam half Marathon and Dam tot Dam loop! Needless to say the Monday after the marathons involved lots of cookies and avoiding the stairs… We’re so proud of you all!

Top 3 Blog Posts ✍🏽

Our blog is a continuous effort of informing you of product updates, news from the branche, team highlights and insights from the field. We would like to thank you for your support in its second year running. The readers, the many people that contributed and the Bricks.

Below three posts were the best read articles of 2019:


Spotlight on a Cloud Team ☁️🔦

Towards the end of 2019, we were inspired to create a new series: Spotlight on a Cloud Team. Like Spotlight on a Dealer, this series will highlight the KS Cloud teams globally who work together towards one common goal: Making this world a key-less one! This blog promises to further engage us all with the access control world, particularly the market of cloud-based solutions and integrations!

Special thank you, to Steve Strang, who was the very first to make some ‘glam shots’ of his team and feature in the ‘Spotlight on a Cloud Team’ series!

A New Home for the Bricks 🏡

As we evolve and grow as a team we find ourselves needing a new home. As of February 2020, the SALTO KS team will be moving to their new premises in Amsterdam Zuid.

The new premises were carefully selected: Every employee visited a number of properties and voted for the property that suited the company values and future needs best. We landed on the Schipluidenlaan, 5 minutes from the famous Vondelpark and almost double the size of our current space. Be sure to pop by for a coffee when you are in the neighbourhood!

Managing the office move has been both the scariest and most exciting project of my career so far. Having spent nearly a year with the KS family, I realize how important it is to have a working space that not only breeds creativity and hard work but for employees to interact as friends!
WilmaOffice manager

..and like every year. The Bricks had a blast. No words needed:

‘We hope you enjoyed this recap! 2020 will be packed with even more highlights and we can’t wait! You neither? Follow our journey on LinkedIn, Instagram, and of course, our Blog! Before we say goodbye, here’s a video of the Bricks riding into the new year 🛴


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