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Meet the team

Behind every great product, there is an exceptional team.

Clay Team

The strength of a company depends on its people. They are ultimately the ones who build the company’s culture. Which is why we would like to introduce the team behind SALTO KS.

We are a tightly-knit but growing team; made up of talented developers, technology lovers, and innovative thinkers. Locking technology and its future is our business. We work hard, play hard. We are honest, love a good joke, and don’t take things too personally. New ideas and inquisitive minds are very welcome. Everything we do, we do really well. Always. And we believe, the best is yet to come.


These are Clay’s milestones

Clay Milestones 2
September 2012

Clay by SALTO

Clay, founded in 2012 and based in Amsterdam, provides a wireless, cloud-based access control solution. In late 2012 we partnered with SALTO Systems to introduce our revolutionary product Clay by SALTO.

Clay Milestones 3
January 2017

Rebranding to SALTO KS

Clay by SALTO is rebranded as SALTO Keys as a Service, switching from to The new SALTO KS app is released with its first integration with Panasonic Cameramanager.

Clay Milestones 4
February 2017

Clay Locking Platform

We officially launched our locking platform on the renewed With CLP (today known as KS Core), industry leaders enjoy their own user interface; either a custom-built access control app or integration into their existing app. SALTO KS is just one example of how CLP can be used to introduce a cloud-based access control app.

Clay Milestones 5
June 2017

Acquired by SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems, announces the acquisition of the remainder shares in Clay, to become sole owner of the company, extending their focus on Cloud technology.

Clay Milestones 6

Serving industry leaders

With a solution portfolio of SALTO KS, KS Custom and KS Core, powered by Connect API and core API, we serve industry leaders around the globe. Best is yet to come!

Team Quote 7
Our goal is to service millions of end users, with a small amount of Bricks. The quality of knowledge, expertise and strength of the team should be that high.

The Team

Meet the Bricks

Meet the Bricks 8

Rick Voogt

Managing Director, and ordinary locksmith (if you'd ask his daughter)
Meet the Bricks 9

Bart Klaver

CTO, Febo supporter
Meet the Bricks 10

Anya Doshi

Junior Marketer, Goes by the name of Violet Beauregarde in the weekends
Meet the Bricks 11

Kris(tin) Pater

Online Content Specialist, The heart & soul of the office
Meet the Bricks 12

Adam Aziz

Marketing Assistant, Tired of people calling him Drake
Meet the Bricks 13

Wilma Georgeson

Office Manager, Refuses to drink anything else but PG Tips
Meet the Bricks 14

Kateryna Tokar

Back-end Flower 🌸, Puts birds on things
Meet the Bricks 15

Milan Vukosavljevic

.NET & React Developer, The Godfather of the team
Meet the Bricks 16

Geert Visser

Scrum Master, You can hear his sneeze in China
Meet the Bricks 17

Alexander Rosdorff

KSconnect Partner Manager, Ouwe rups
Meet the Bricks 18

Christian Schmitz

Business Development & Sales Manager specialized in Student housing & Co-living, 'Organiesiert' everything!
Meet the Bricks 19

Lennart Pol

Software Architect, There's nothing he can't do
Meet the Bricks 20

Srilatha Kondapalli

QA Engineer, ‘Best dressed on Friday’ award winner, every single Friday
Meet the Bricks 21

Anirudh Menon

DevOps Engineer and our very own Lenny Kravitz
Meet the Bricks 22

Darjan Bogdan

Software Developer, World's fastest lunch buddy
Meet the Bricks 23

Agnese Rossi

Recruiter with the perfect hair
Meet the Bricks 24

Roberto Martucci

Mobile Application Developer, Cuts spaghetti in the weekend 🍝
Meet the Bricks 25

Simón García Rodríguez

Front-end Developer, Big fan of beer
Meet the Bricks 26

Qiang Zheng

Technical Support, Our very own John Snow ❄️
Meet the Bricks 27

Medi van Broekhoven

Product Owner, When his slippers come off you know it's summer
Meet the Bricks 28

Cem Akcali

Product Manager, "Chicken and Chickout"
Meet the Bricks 29

Cem Selçuk

UX Designer, Sharing an e-mailaddress with the other Cem
Meet the Bricks 30

Jakov Videković

Mobile Developer, Started on April fools', still not sure if it was all a joke
Meet the Bricks 31

Jon Dujaka

Front-end Developer, Definitely doesn't prepare his own lunch
Meet the Bricks 32

Edouardos Petriadis

Technical Support Engineer, Master of tickets
Meet the Bricks 33

Kalin Dimitrov

Embedded Software Lead, Doesn't shut up, that's why we love him
Meet the Bricks 34

Süha Boncukçu

PHP Developer, Has a shirt for every occasion
Meet the Bricks 35

Daria Sheianova

QA Engineer, Comes up with the best one-liners
Meet the Bricks 36

Hugo Lindén

QA Engineer, Dad to 3 feline gremlins
Meet the Bricks 37

Marijn van Heesewijk

Junior Embedded Developer, Star of 'Keeping up with Kalin'
Meet the Bricks 38

Michele Spighi

Tech Project Manager, The life of every party
Meet the Bricks 39

Ozan Erdogan

Back-end Developer, 3rd Musketeer to the Cems
Meet the Bricks 40

Pauline Beelen

Recruitment & HR Consultant, Rumored to have also recruited the Avengers
Meet the Bricks 41

Renan Souza

Front-end Developer, Winner of Best Boyfriend Award
Meet the Bricks 42

Vasyl Nakonechnyi

Back-end Developer, Unfazed by the madness