Clay Milestones 2
September 2012

Clay by SALTO

Clay, founded in 2012 and based in Amsterdam, provides a wireless, cloud-based access control solution. In late 2012 we partnered with SALTO Systems to introduce our revolutionary product Clay by SALTO.

Clay Milestones 3
January 2017

Rebranding to SALTO KS

Clay by SALTO is rebranded as SALTO Keys as a Service, switching from to The new SALTO KS app is released with its first integration with Panasonic Camaeramanager.

Clay Milestones 4
February 2017

Clay Locking Platform

We officially launched our locking platform on the renewed With CLP (today known as KS Core), industry leaders enjoy their own user interface; either a custom-built access control app or integration into their existing app. SALTO KS is just one example of how CLP can be used to introduce a cloud-based access control app.

Clay Milestones 5
June 2017

Acquired by SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems, announces the acquisition of the remainder shares in Clay, to become sole owner of the company, extending their focus on Cloud technology.

Clay Milestones 6

Serving industry leaders

With a solution portfolio of SALTO KS, KS Custom and KS Core, powered by Connect API and core API, we serve industry leaders around the globe. Best is yet to come!