Feature IQ 2.0 - 10.0.0 coming soon
Number of (v)tag users supported 10.000 10.000
Number of remote access users supported 10.000 10.000
Number of Time Schedules supported (1) 128* 10.000**
Extended ClayCode yes yes
Mobile key supported yes yes
Privacy Mode supported yes yes
PIN lock supported no yes
Doorguard supported no yes
WiFi supported yes yes
POE supported yes yes
Permanent SetServerSettings (2) yes yes

(1) Since Time Schedules include the doors, they can be read as Access Groups

(2) Factory Reset on IQ 2.0 reverts the IQ to a hardcoded environment. For 9.0.25 it will be the KS environment. For 10.0.0 it will be the CLP environment.

* Protocol supports up to 255 TimeSchedules

** Requires protocol change