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SALTO KS has many different applications, that perfectly adapt to your building. Learn about different use cases by clicking on the dots in the shared building below.

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101 102 10 3 EXIT EXIT


The outdoor intercom panel allows to ring a specific resident in a multi tenant building. The residents can use the SALTO KS app or a 3rd party app like Comelit to see who’s at the door and unlock for their guests. Intercoms service Integrations allows a single app usage approach and reduce investment costs in each appartment. no Indoor panel investment and wiring.

These integrations into KS APP is a KS SERVICE offering by SALTO Systems

Main Door

In most cases main doors open with the help of an electric door-opener. The Wall reader/ control unit can trigger any type of electric door opening. If not, an XS4 Escutcheon works best. Easy and simple. Present your credential either your Tag, mobile phone or enter your PIN to unlock. In case the door is equipped with an outdoor intercom panel, SALTO provides different panel readers to be built in.

Wallreader, Escutcheon EU, ANSI and Scandinavian.

Post Boxes

No more managing tiny keys to post boxes! With KS all residents can unlock their post box with their existing credential for their apartment like their Tag, or smartphone. Residents can also give access to delivery companies if needed, and get notified when a package is delivered into their post box.

Cam Lock cylinder

Bike Storage Room

Do you offer your residents bikes depending on their rental contract? Manage the usage time per month via your PMS connected to SALTO KS or manage access on the go with KS web application.

Escutcheon EU, ANSI and Scandinavian.


The cafe can be managed as separate Site with SALTO KS which let allow separate employee management and still the option that members can access the common door to the cafe during opening hours. User can also make use of their tag to buy a drink. Super fancy. One tag opening your door and cashless ordering a cafe. This requires an Integration. As you know by now SALTO KS will not only unlock doors but offer much more! In need for coffee? Residents or guests can select a beverage from the machine and tap the SALTO reader with their Tag or phone. Based on the resident account and credits (booking platform), residents can get drinks for free or cost will be deducted from their credits.

Wallreader with keypad


With KS you can define access for any floor. All you need is a Wall Reader/ Control unit next to your elevator or inside the lift cab, optionally with PIN. You can then continue using your existing credential. The PIN functionality is especially ideal for guests with one time access or 3rd parties with defined schedules like cleaners.

Wallreader EU, ANSI, Panel reader and Mullion reader

Common door

Use your preferred credential to unlock! In case of emergency you can always open from the inside. SALTO advanced panic bar solutions enable panic bar-equipped emergency exit doors to be controlled with an innovative, stand-alone electronic locking system. SALTO stand-alone electronic locks can be fitted, in combination with adaptor kits to more than 40 leading panic bars from most manufacturers.

XS4 with emergency push bar, Escutcheon EU, ANSI and Scandinavian.

Equipped with a „door left open“ (DLO) contact

Receive a notification when a room door is left open, why not warn your residents:

‘Dear…, we noticed your room is still open, would you like to lock it?’

Equipped with a self locking mortise lock

A shut door is not always a locked door. SALTO provides pure mechanical self locking mortise locks. This means your door is always deadbolt locked when shut.


Additional Benefits

Via integrations with 3rd party applications, the system can call the elevator while a resident leaves their apartment. How? The inside handle trigger does the trick.


Are any of your room doors also substitute for escape routes or Emergency exits? No problem, a safety tag with 24/7 access will be stored in an emergency key box. Every unauthorised usage can be reported via Events instantly.

Resident Door

Escutcheon EU, ANSI/US, Nordic/Scandinavian and Australian.

Recommendation: PRIVACY MODE inside

Let your residents benefit from SALTO electronic locks. You can also receive a notification when a room door is left open, why not warn your residents: ‘Dear…, we noticed your room is still open, would you like to lock it?’


Room Occupancy Monitoring: Based on ESD (Energy saving device)- The Universal Energy Saving Device (ESD) is a motion cardless solution. The system will determine whether the room is occupied and it will apply an energy management model by switching ON or OFF lighting and/or AC.


Whether the gym, event room or rooftop, residents can get access when they book the room. They’ll be able to use their Tag, PIN code (One time usage) or phone to unlock. In case the room door is still open or opened from the inside after the booked time, you`ll be instantly informed*.

* Requires an integration with your PMS

Escutcheon EU, ANSI and Scandinavian