Generating OTP

One-Time Password (OTP) allows for a second factor of authentication for important actions on API endpoints, such as remote openings and adding and removing locks. To generate OTP you need SaltoKS Mobile App

1.Find the IQ

Log into the mobile app with your email and password. In the app navigate to the IQ tab. You should be able to observe IQs that were added to the site you have created.

2.Activate the IQ

Click on the IQ you wish to activate, click on the “Activate” button

3.Start the process

Activating the IQ is the process of exchanging two pieces of information between the end user and the IQ: a PIN and a secret. This is what you are initiating now. Click “Let’s do it”

4.SMS Code

You should receive an SMS code to your phone. Make sure that this phone number was used during your registration in Salto KS Web App. Enter the code.

5.Create a PIN

Create a PIN which you will use for opening locks. You may choose to store this PIN in your mobile device or enter it each time it is asked. Pay attention: for each user this PIN is different per IQ.

6.That's it!

You’re good to go. Your IQ is activated and you can now generate an OTP for it.

7.Get OTP

To get an OTP click on your activated IQ and click “Get Code”. An OTP has a validity of 3 minutes, allowing for some delays and errors in device time. You can use the same OTP for multiple operations within these three minutes.


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