Remote Lock Opening

Remote opening is a powerful feature that allows you to create multiple integrations with SALTO Connect API.

In order to perform a remote opening you have to provide two authentication factors: your access token (Getting Authenticated) and an OTP (Generating OTP).

Create a PATCH request to {{url}}/v1.1/sites/{siteid}/locks/{lockid}/locking. In the body of the request provide locked_state "unlocked" and the OTP you generated for the logged in user and IQ, to which the lock is attached.

After you get a 200 OK response, the lock should open: it will blink green and after a few seconds with blink red, which means it is locked again. You do not have to send a request to lock it again, the lock does it automatically.

NOTE: if you send an invalid OTP multiple times, your account's OTP will be blocked for some time and you won't be able to perform remote openings (regular tag openings should still work).

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