Meet the hardware family. Your SALTO KS site consists of smart locks, IQs, in some cases repeaters and Tags.

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XS4 Electronic escutcheons


With a large variety of models, XS4 electronic escutcheons fit virtually any door, including those with narrow frames. They are also suitable for use at fire doors and emergency exits. Totally wire-free and compatible with most European, Scandinavian and ANSI mortise locks and tubular latches.

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Neo Cylinder


Find out more about the Neo here

Extensive range of compact sized electronic cylinders designed for doors where fitting an electronic escutcheon is not possible or required. Totally wire-free and available in different models and with a wide offering of different profiles.

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SALTO allows users to customise their locks alongside the technology that fits their personal or business demands best. A unique combination in the world of access control. Customize your lock here.



The SALTO KS Wall Reader incorporates the cutting-edge design standard of the XS4 2.0 product range. In combination with the SALTO KS Controller, it facilitates the expansion of SALTO access control benefits to all those doors where a stand-alone electronic lock cannot be fitted, i.e. barriers, lifts, sliding doors or electronic gates, to provide your facility with a complete security solution.

Product range


You can always use your smartphone to unlock doors, but as a second credential you can also use Tags. A Tag is a physical device (contactless key fob) that works based on RFID. With a built in secured chip, an opening can be triggered by directly presenting the Tag to the lock.

A Tag replaces that ring of keys, and grants designated access to employees, guests or even cleaning services whenever it’s appropriate for them to enter. Simply assign a Tag to a user, and define when and where that Tag can go.



IQ is the central hub of your site. It receives all changes and settings from the SALTO KS application and ensures that all locks are updated within seconds. The IQ serves as the brain of your site, connects your wireless locks to the cloud and can be extended by adding additional repeaters if needed.


Connects to the cloud by:

  • - Global cellular connection 3G/4G (via USB) - backwards compatible with 3G/2G
  • - Wi-fi
  • - Ethernet cabel



A repeater is an extension in case the signal doesn’t cover the distance between IQ and locks. A maximum of 6 repeaters can be connected to an IQ, either directly to the IQ or through another repeater (for up to 3 layers).


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