KS Functionality, your branding



Walk the walk with us, with KS Custom. As the name suggests, with KS Custom, organisations with first line support, get their own SALTO KS application with customized branding with additional text.

Enjoy all or your selection of SALTO KS functionalities with your own front-end both on mobile and web. Only thing SALTO branded will be your hardware.

Real-time access management

24/7 event feed

Multiple ways to unlock

KS Services

Salto KS

Feature toggle lets you select which KS functionalities you want for your own app. This is your custom KS application with your own URL both on mobile and web; with your logo, preserving your own brand identity.

Constantly improving

With every released new feature in SALTO KS, your app will have the opportunity to upgrade with these new features, or move at your own pace and desired timing. Stay ahead of the curve with our ambitious road map.

Enrich your offerings

Expand your product portfolio with a custom cloud-based access control solution. With KS Custom position your brand and company as the strategic security partner of your customers.

Are you eligible for KS Custom?

KS Custom is suited for companies;

With a large customer base looking for a smart lock solution

Who are looking to enrich their access control offerings

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