Posted on 23rd of August, 2019

Blue Water App


Blue Water App is a cloud based online booking and payment platform, which connects sailors to marinas and is dominating the maritime world since 2013. From their office in Zwijndrecht, the team of ten (including the office dog) are working hard to make sure that over a hundred marinas and more than 75,000 boaters can use the Blue Water App with ease and can access marinas in the Netherlands and Belgium. This year Blue Water App started with a new solution which offers a payment service with an automatic access control, which was rolled out in the sea ports of IJmuiden and Scheveningen in Holland. This new service will be expanded to other marinas in Holland and in Scandinavia, UK , Germany and the Mediterranean. The free revolutionary Blue Water App makes it possible to book and pay for a spot in the marina from your phone. And not only a spot: You can even make your dinner reservation or order other marina services through the app! If you see the (impossible to miss) pink Blue Water App signs in any harbor, that means you can use the app in this marina.

By integrating with SALTO KS, Blue Water App put themselves on the map as the only marina-based booking platform in Europe which offers a complete and integrated payment and access control solution. Offering their customers the ultimate user experience.


Marinas use Blue Water App to receive payments and bookings in a secure way, to increase their productivity through real time arrival and departure data of boats and to market their marina to new local and international customers.

This high-quality service also needed an integrated access control solution for the marina facilities so that sailors did not need to go to the marina office to pick up a tag or access code. Blue Water App demanded a secure electronic access control system that would allow customers to receive a Pin code to gain quick access to the marina where they made their payment or booking and with the possibility to introduce a digital key solution.


With the Pin functionality as the decisive factor Blue Water App decided to be a KS connect partner. By partnering up with SALTO KS, Blue Water App is now able to:

  • Provide access on the go: Unexpected guests can be let in by the members of the space by granting access from wherever and whenever.

  • The user-friendly interface makes it possible for new and existing customers to manage their bookings without assistance from space administrators.

  • View events: See exactly which customer has come into which marina at what time and keep track of valuable data.

  • Substitute expensive tags with an online service

Blue Water App currently manages in the first launch phase over 4000 users and ten doors and counting with SALTO KS. The Digital Key service will be launched in the coming months.


  • Easy to use.

  • Providing access on the go (opening doors remotely from anywhere, anytime)

  • Pin functionality

  • Time saving / efficiency, focusing more on member experience

  • Revoke or grant access in a specific timeframe

  • Cost savings

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By integrating with SALTO KS, Blue Water App offers a smart combination of a booking and payment service with an integrated access control, which a great solution for marinas in Europe which are looking for tools to improve productivity and customer service
Christian Drent CEO and partner Blue Water App
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