Posted on 25th of September, 2019

Edge Technologies


EDGE Technologies is a real estate developer of a new generation of innovative, healthy and sustainable buildings. Their goal is to reinvent the modern workplace as a driver for health, sustainability and innovation.

To do that EDGE Technologies combines decades of experience in real estate with proven innovation and result in big data, smart technology and systems. Their team commits to making the built environment greener, smarter, and healthier with a user-centred approach that intuitively learns from use. EDGE Technologies creates state of the art buildings with partners who can support them in implementing state of the art solutions.

The Salto KS Connect integration fits perfectly with their mission.

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Access can be granted by creating a Slack message 5 minutes prior to a meeting


EDGE Technologies with partners all over the world is always looking out for quality products, accompanied by local service that can integrate effortlessly with smart devices. The same goes for a cloud-based access control provider that could integrate with the in-house built app in which Edge Technologies customers are able to control all of their preferences like manage their meeting room reservations.


The Azure integration allows EDGE Technologies to integrate the product with their platform and gives the confidence that SALTO KS is able to scale well. Salto KS is a platform solution which is integrated with EDGE Technologies solutions. Via the integrated KS solution in their mobile app, you can open doors and open booked meeting rooms. This optimizes the operations of access control in the EDGE Technologies buildings and there is no direct need for access cards with all the related management. Users are automatically assigned and managed via the app in the access security system, which is another benefit.


In the EDGE Olympic building, tenants can book meeting rooms through an application of building operator EpiCentre but also within the MAPIQ APP. The traffic of these booking options is managed and aggregated by a service developed by Microsoft for EDGE. This Service is connected to Salto KS which means that any meeting room booking leads to the automatic creation of appropriate access right in Salto KS. This leads to the below end-user flow:

This leads to the below end-user flow:

  • 1. Booking is done in either MAPIQ APP or Epicentre Room Booking

  • 2. Instant access rule is created in Salto KS and the door opens

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There is no need to put cards against readers. With the mobile app, you can open doors from a small distance which creates a lot of possibilities and surprised faces. Especially visitors in the meeting rooms are usually surprised


  • Integration with a high-end Smart Building application and integrated solutions

  • Wireless smart locks integrated to building management software via cloud

  • No need for access control card management Access Groups can be created with a Slack message 5 minutes prior to a meeting

  • Users are automatically assigned and managed via the app


At the moment EDGE Technologies is working on integrating Salto KS into the EDGE Smart Blueprint to smoothen the design and integration process. We have several projects in development where Salto KS is part of the integrated solution, can’t wait to share soon!

Curious about Edge Technologies? Check out their website!

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