The power of SALTO KS revolves all around being able to grant access. The Access tab shows all access within a Site, by what we call ‘Access Groups’. These groups determine access: who can enter where, and when.

Creating an Access Group

1. On the Access tab, click ‘add Access Group’, this will bring up a window that will start the wizard.

2. In the first step, enter the name of your Access Group. Click ‘Next’.

3. Select the People that should be in the Access Group. Click ‘Next’.

4. Select the locks that should be in the Access Group. Click ‘Next’.

5. Now, define a timeframe you would like the selected People to have access to the selected lock(s). When done, click ‘Add’.

6. The timeframe overview will show which timeframe has been selected. When in the previous step ‘Always’ was clicked, you will not be able to add additional timeframes.

7. If you, for instance, have a guest you want to set a check-in or check-out date and time for you can select the ‘Check in - Check out’ option in the Timeframe window

8. Once you are happy with the defined timeframe(s), click ‘Save’. The Access Group is now created, and all People in the Access Group will have access accordingly within a few seconds.

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