Can I use multiple devices?

You can use our application on multiple devices. When you login to your first device, you will be sent a PIN by SMS to activate your IQ(s).

Subsequent devices:

You will not receive a PIN by SMS, but you will have to generate a Code from one of your other devices to activate the IQ on the new device.

The generated Code will verify you as the correct and authorized user.

How can I activate the Code for the first time?

Step 1 Once you have entered the app, a notification appears that the IQ has still not been activated.

Step 2 It is classified in the app menu under “Non-activated IQs”. Select the “Activate” button and press “OK” so that the site sends a text message.

Step 3 You receive a text message with a 4 digit PIN. Step 4 Copy the PIN from the text message. Enter a unique, non-transferable PIN. Enter PIN again to con rm. The app will now be ready to generate codes.

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