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How do I add a lock to my SALTO KS site?

  1. Login to your account as the Owner
  2. Click on 'Account' then 'Hardware' then 'Doors'
  3. You will need the MAC address of the locks you want to add.
For cylinders this can be found below the batteries in the knob set of the cylinder. With escutcheons, lift of the plate on the back and the MAC address will be on the grey wireless module, on top of the batteries.  
  1. Now, click 'door' in the popup box. Enter a name for the door in the next pop-up box and click on the green 'V'.
  2. In the next popup box enter the MAC address and click on the green 'V' to continue.
  3. Check the mobile phone number and click on the green 'V' to receive the SMS message with the registration code.
  4. In the next field you can enter the registration code. Tip: The registration code is case sensitive, so type it in accurately!
  5. After you have confirmed the registration code, the lock has been added to your site.
You have now added a lock to your account and can now continue to attach the lock to an IQ.