How do I add tags to my SALTO KS site?

To add a new tag to your site, follow the steps below:

Login to your SALTO KS account on as the site owner or site admin, then:

  1. Click on 'Site'

  2. Click on 'tags'

  3. Click on '+ Add tag' to add new tags to your site

  4. In the next pop-up box, select any of the locks added to your site to use as 'card reader' for the tags you want to add and click 'Start'

  5. From the moment you click 'Start' you have 120 seconds to 'read' the tags you would like to add to your site

You can 'read' a tag by holding the tag in front of the lock you have selected. The lock will blink red and the tag will be registered to your site. The added tags will be visible in this screen as soon as the lock you have selected has successfully read them.

The locks are now ready to be assigned to Users. This can be done in the 'People' screen of

Tip; A tag that has already been added to another site will not show up as a newly added tag. Tags can only be added once, and is always owned by one site. However a user in multiple sites can use the same tag for door openings in all the sites.

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