How do I generate a Code?

If you need to generate a Code please follow the instructions below to do so.

Make sure you have activated your IQ's. A Code is generated when you enter your individual and self-chosen PIN in the App. The App encrypts the PIN into a Code and only the IQ holds the right key to recalculate that to your PIN. A Code is only valid for a restricted short period of time, which puts another layer of security on top of Code technology.

Step 1. Login to your App and press the menu icon in the below right corner. Than press the "Generate Code" tab.

Step 2. In the menu press the 'Get Code' icon next to the name of the IQ for which you need the Code.

Step 3. Depending on whether or not you saved your PIN, the app will validate your PIN in the background and generate a Code.

Step 4. The result is shown as a 5 character Code.

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