How do I replace an IQ?

If you need to replace your IQ (e.g. because of a hardware failure) you can do so by using the 'Replace' button in the site settings. Using this button, you will replace the IQ without the need to detach / re-attach any attached hardware. The new IQ will simply replace the old IQ, including any attached hardware. To replace an existing IQ, simply:

  1. Login to as the owner or the site admin

  2. Click on 'Site' > 'Hardware'. Here you will see your IQ, or if you have multiple IQs, you will see a list of your current IQs. In this example, we're going to replace the IQ called 'IQ'.

  3. Enter the IQ's activation code and click on the blue 'Replace' button to continue.

  4. When the IQ is replaced, present the maintenance card on all the lock to make them connected with the new IQ

Once all the locks are online, your IQ has been replaced successfully!

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