I have a new device / reinstalled the application and need a Code

You have activated your IQ on any mobile device; you will need to create a Code to activate IQs on any subsequent device. A new PIN will only be sent to the first device you activate and not to any subsequent devices.

If you still have access to (one of) your activated device(s) then simply generate a Code from that device and enter it in the new device you wish to activate. If you don't have access to (one of) your activated device(s) then you will have to ask your Owner to reset your PIN.

How do I reset the PIN as s SuperUser?

If a SuperUser doesn't have access to (one of) their activated device(s) then the Owner will have to reset their PIN. Once this has been done, you can activate your new device.

The Owner can reset the PIN by going to:

  1. Account

  2. Security

  3. Reset user PIN

  4. Select user

  5. Reset PIN

I am an Owner without access, what should I do?

When you are the Owner and don't have access to one of your previously activated devices, you can only reset the PIN by resetting the IQ. This will also reset any PIN codes for other users, who then will need to re-activate the IQs in their mobile applications.

It is necessary to activate the IQ in the app to be able to have IQ control and access, as well as to be able to generate the Code.

How can I activate the IQ in the app?

The app must first be downloaded from the Play Store for Android or from the App Store for iOS.

  1. Enter login details. Once logged in, the app will notify you that the IQ is not yet activated.

  2. All non-activated IQs are shown in the app menu under “Non-activated IQs”. Select the “Activate” button and press “OK” so that the system sends a text message.

  3. You receive a text message with a 4 digit PIN.

  4. Copy the PIN received from the text message, and then a unique, non-transferable PIN should be entered Enter PIN again to con rm. The IQ will be activated

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