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IQ LED chart

What is your IQ trying to tell you:

  1. RGB (3 times flash) - IQ Reset
  2. Permanent blue - IQ booting, if it stays blue the IQ is defect
  3. Blinking yellow (1 sec toggle) - No router correct response (no longer relevant for IQ2.0)
  4. Blinking purple (1 sec toggle) - No node communication (MAC 00.00.00)
  5. Permanent white - First time initialized/ Factory mode
  6. Blinking red (1 sec toggle) - No server connection
  7. Blinking blue (1 sec toggle) - IQ updating
  8. Blinking green (1sec toggle) - Bluetooth active, app can connect (IQ2 only)
  9. Permanent green - App connected to IQ over Bluetooth (IQ2 only)
  10. Blinking red (4 sec flash) - Low signal strength (only IQ1)
  11. Permanent red - No network/signal (only IQ1)
  12. Blinking red (4 sec flash) - Low signal strength (only IQ1)
  13. Permanent purple - Subscription suspended (also if IQ is not in a site)

Is your IQ saying something else? Contact SALTO Tech Support!