What are ‘lock settings’? How can I change them?

Whenever a new lock is attached to an IQ, these default settings are applied.

Easy Office Mode: If it is enabled, the user with valid EOM permission will put the lock into EOM mode within the EOM schedule. When a lock is in Easy Office Mode and the timeframe ends, it will lock itself automatically.

Open time: This indicates the amount of time that the lock will stay unlocked until it is locked again. The range can be set from 1 second to 240 seconds. Open time cannot be disabled.

Audit trail: If the lock can't connect with the IQ, it will check if a key had access to the lock in the selected amount of days. Example:

You could use the default setting for the Audit Trail of 7 days. This means that you allow the lock to look back 7 days prior in its audit log to check for a successful opening using the credential provided. If the opening is detected in the audit log, the user will be granted offline access.

However, if for instance, you have hired employees for a given amount of time and prefer to extend the Audit Trail, to grant them offline access when required, you may adjust the range to 60 days. The Audit Trail can be set from anywhere between 1 day to 255 days.*

* It is advised to be aware of the possible consequences of setting a long time range for the Audit Trail, which may result in giving unwanted access. Whenever the IQ is offline, the offline access would be based on the audit logs. This means that if a user had successful access earlier which was later revoked, the access can still be granted depending on the number of days set for Audit Trail. It is possible, therefore, to change these settings based on your preference and according to your needs.

To change the lock settings:

The following steps are required to change the settings of a lock:

  • Access the account via the Web App i.e. app.saltoks.com and go to the ‘Locks’ section.

  • Click on a specific lock to view the ‘Lock details’ page.

  • Select ‘Settings’ from the menu tab.

  • There, click the ‘Edit’ button in order to edit a lock setting to your preference.

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