How does the (easy) office mode functionality work, and how is it configured?

Office Mode permanently unlocks the door, which means everyone can open the door without presenting a tag or digital key. SALTO KS offers different types of Office Modes, which ensure maximum security and flexibility for your space.

‘Regular’ or ‘Manual’ Office Mode (MOM):

This mode unlocks a door permanently until a user, with the right role/permission, locks the door again. If you want to set a lock into Regular Office Mode, you can either use the web- or mobile app or perform an action on the lock itself. If you would like to do the latter, there are two ways to do that, depending on your lock. If you have an older type of escutcheon, you can simply present a valid tag with proper permission while holding the inside handle. On newer BlueNet cylinders and escutcheons, you only have to present the Tag for more than 5 seconds. The permission needed for this mode is called Manual Office Mode (MOM), which is set on a per-user basis, which can be found under user settings.

Easy Office Mode (EOM):

This mode, just like the MOM, unlocks the door continuously, but with the difference of following a set schedule. This means that people with the right permission can put locks into Office Mode during a specific time frame by using their tag. When the schedule is active, presenting a tag will put a lock in- or out of Office Mode. Outside of the schedule, presenting the tag will regularly and temporarily unlock the door. When a lock is in Easy Office Mode and the set time frame ends, it will lock itself automatically.

This feature is helpful for granting easy access, requiring no remote action to set a lock into Office Mode. The user permission for this mode can also be found in the user detail page under lock permissions called ‘Easy Office Mode (EOM).’ The EOM schedule is defined on the lock details page.

If you still have questions about this functionality, please feel free to reach out to Salto support

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