Pod BETA phase

What is the Pod BETA phase? 

Due to the global and unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 lockdown, we understand some of our customers might need some more time to test the Pod feature without having to worry about the expiration date. Therefore we have decided to implement an extended Pod BETA phase until late 2021, after which the feature may be purchased. This is to enable you to fully experience the benefits of the Pod functionality which helps you to keep an overview of your buildings’ operations and facilitates you to outsource access control management to your tenants.

Why is SALTO KS offering an extended BETA period for the Pod feature? 

The exact reason for this extended BETA period is the unfortunate events of COVID-19. We at SALTO KS believe that it’s important that we do our best to reduce the impact of these events on our users’ experience. We hope this allows you more time to fully experience the functionality and discover how the feature can be beneficial for your business.

What happens if I am already making use of the Pod feature?

In the case you are already using the Pod feature, this extended BETA period is not going to affect you in any way.

What will happen to current Pods, Pod members and Pod guests after the BETA period ends?

As being part of the BETA period, you will keep using your existing Pod structure for free but there will be several limitations regarding expanding it. Details regarding limitations will be communicated in a timely manner before the BETA period ends. 

Will I be contacted when I am nearing the end of the BETA period?

You will be notified before your BETA period ends, allowing you some time to decide whether you would like to purchase the Pod functionality or not.

How can I purchase the Pod functionality when the BETA period ends?

If you decide you would like to purchase the Pod functionality, you can contact your local SALTO KS dealer who will provide you with a new voucher that enables the Pod feature in your system.

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