The lock is vandalised and completely inoperable, what should i do?

Before removing an offline Lock please note that:

  1. A removed offline Lock is not usable in another environment.

  2. The IQ the Lock was attached to is online

  3. The IQ is activated in the user's app (valid user/a Site owner/admin)

  4. Find the Lock and attached IQ in the System by going to Account > Hardware > Doors. Find the Lock and attached IQ in the System. Note their names and MAC address.

Detach the Lock from the IQ by going to:

  1. Account > System > Select IQ

  2. Edit, then select the Lock, click Edit

  3. Select Detach, click Move, save in IQ

  4. Go to your SALTO KS app, find the IQ, generate the Code, enter the Code in

  5. The System will confirm the Lock is detached

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