TS – Battery life escutcheon and cylinder

How is the battery life measured?

3: High

2. Normal

1: Low

0: Very low

What does it mean when the lock receives a low battery warning-event?

When a Low battery-warning event is received from the lock it means the battery is low. When that event is received an email is send to the User warning them about the low battery.

What batteries are recommended for the Escutcheon?

  • Duracell Plus Power AAA (MN2400)

  • Simply Duracell AAA (MN2400)

  • Varta High Energy AAA (04903)

  • Varta Longlife AAA (04103)

  • Varta Industrial AAA (04003)

  • Simply Duracell AA (MN1500)

  • Varta High Energy AA (04906)

  • Duracell Plus Power AA (MN1500)

  • Varta Industrial AA (04006)

  • Varta Longlife AA (04106)

The recommended batteries for cylinders are

  • Varta Professional Lithium CR2 (6206)

  • Duracell Ultra CR2 Lithium (DLCR2)

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