Ways of Opening

Keyless entry is a way of entry without the use of traditional mechanical keys or mechanical locks. Digital Key, Remote Opening, and PIN all provide keyless entries. The following is an overview of these ways of opening:

1. Digital Key

A Digital Key is the virtual equivalent of a Tag, enabling your phone to unlock a SALTO lock. With a single download of the SALTO KS Mobile App on a registered and verified smartphone, your guests can gain access to doors by means of Digital Key.

Using Bluetooth technology, your phone transmits a digital key directly to the lock. The smartphone and wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) lock pair and the lock is opened via BLE. This way you can use your smartphone as a Tag, opening the lock without relying on an active internet connection; which makes Digital Key as secure as using a physical Tag.

Users can receive Digital Keys anytime and anywhere, making issuing and receiving access rights much easier and more flexible.

2. Remote Opening

This way of opening enables you to open doors from any distance and SALTO KS makes it possible for you to open doors from anywhere, at any time. For instance, you may have a visitor or new employee who has arrived earlier than you without a Tag. With the Remote Opening, this problem is erased and letting in guests, tenants or visitors is now more convenient than ever.

You can unlock doors remotely with this functionality from anywhere around the world. Opening doors with Remote Opening may be done from your account on the Web App or the Mobile App on your smartphone device.

To make use of Remote Opening on a Web App, you require the Code. The Code is a security feature of SALTO KS, comparable to those used for online banking. It is a 5 character encrypted code that is temporarily valid and only shared by your Mobile App and IQ. This code ensures control over critical IQ related features.

To make use of remote opening on a Mobile App, you require the PIN. All you need to do is swipe the lock on your screen for the action to appear. Upon selecting the action you will be asked to verify either by PIN, or TouchID/FaceID.

3. PIN

With the SALTO PIN Locks, there is no need to carry any Tags or even mechanical keys for that matter. Just enter your PIN code via the keypad to unlock.

The PIN is linked with a user, and the user can only have one PIN per time, if this is forgotten, then it is not possible to recover the PIN, but only possible to generate a new one. The PIN code consists of a 6 digit number.

You may also generate and assign a secure and authentic PIN code for your guests to grant them entrance.

This keyless entry provides a high level of enhanced security as well as convenience.

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