What are ‘lock settings’?

Lock settings have been introduced to give you access to the following features:

  • Open time: This indicates the amount of time that the lock will stay unlocked until it is locked again. The range can be set from 1 second to 240 seconds.

  • Easy office mode:In ‘Office Mode’, the lock stays unlocked, but now in ‘Easy Office Mode’, it is combined with a set schedule. When a lock is in Easy Office Mode and the timeframe ends, it will lock itself automatically.

  • Offline access based on audit trail:This setting is configurable to how many days you wish to allow the lock to look back in its audit log to check for a successful opening using the credential provided. If the opening is detected in the audit log, the user will be granted offline access. The range of the Audit Trail can be set from anywhere between 1 day to 255 days.

The lock settings can be managed by Site owners or Site admin.

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