What are the benefits of using a smart Lock in your business or home?

With the use of smart locks, businesses or homes can be protected and regulated without the stress of forgetting to lock doors, losing keys, or potential break-ins. Access control systems allow varying levels of security whereby control is flexible and may be done anytime and from any place. Furthermore, the owner or administrator has full control and they may authorize users and grant specified levels of access using an intuitive interface. With smart locks, it is even possible to gain activity insights in order to have complete visibility and notifications related to all use of smart locks on site.

In order to run your business or home with ease and offer the best user experience, smart lock systems also have the ability to integrate with useful and complementary software such as intercom and video surveillance. For instance, Salto KS offers KS Service integrations with Comelit and Eagle Eye Networks which enables the owner or manager of a building to offer tenants intercom and video surveillance services respectively. These include being notified about someone ringing your doorbell, having a live video/audio feed, and unlocking remotely.

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