What do the different colored LED lights on the IQ and Repeaters mean?

The IQ has different color schemes to indicate certain behavior.

Available colors are:

  • Green Flashing every 5 minutes once = All is OK

  • Red Permanent = no cellular connection Flashing = poor cellular connection for more than 1 minute

  • Purple Permanent = IQ suspended/no subscription Flashing = Node FW is not working properly

  • Blue Permanent = Factory mode (not end-user) Flashing = during reboot

  • Yellow Flashing 2 sec toggle = No Cloud connection Flashing 1 sec toggle = Router FW is not working properly

  • White Permanent = Initialized mode (not end- user)

  • Red/Green/Blue Flashing = during reset of IQ

(Reset requires a 8-10 seconds continuous activation of the reset button in the back of the IQ. After a LED flash reset procedure is started. Full IQ functionality back in 2 minutes)

If the IQ stays with Blue Permanent light for a long time, it indicates the IQ is bricked, please contact your installer or the local Salto office.

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