What do you need to purchase in order for you to set up your Salto KS access control system for your business

Salto KS Sites are equipped with wireless SALTO locks. SALTO locks can go on any door in the world, however unusual the door may be. SALTO offers a broad range of hardware, making smart access to any door possible; such as Escutcheons or Cylinders for main entry doors and internal meeting rooms, Wall readers for all electric doors like gates.

If you are considering implementing Salto KS as an access control system your company needs to, at a bare minimum, need to acquire: A SALTO lock, an IQ, and a subscription to SALTO KS. Tags are optional since remote openings or Digital Keys are a popular option. A repeater needs to be acquired when there are more than 10 meters in between the Lock and the IQ.

Locks: There is an extensive range of locks available. With a wide variety of escutcheons and cylinders, SALTO locks are equipped to fit any door around the globe. Compact sized, wire-free and compatible with most European, Scandinavian and ANSI mortise locks and tubular latches.

Digital Key: A Digital Key is the virtual equivalent of a Tag. With a single download on a registered and verified smartphone, your guests can gain access to doors by means of Digital Key. Tapping the smartphone on the lock will do the trick. The smartphone and wireless BLE Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) lock pair, and the lock is opened via BLE. This way you can use your smartphones as a Tag, opening the lock without relying on an active internet connection; which makes Digital Key as secure as using a physical Tag.

What is an IQ: The IQ is the central hub of your site. It receives all changes and settings from the Salto KS application and ensures that all locks are updated within seconds. The IQ serves as the brain of your site, connects your wireless locks to the cloud and can be extended by adding additional repeaters if needed.

What is a Tag? You can always use your smartphone to unlock doors, but as a second credential, you can also use Tags. A Tag is a physical device (contactless key fob) that works based on RFID. With a built in secured chip, an opening can be triggered by directly presenting the Tag to the lock. A Tag replaces that ring of keys, and grants designated access to employees, guests or even cleaning services whenever it’s appropriate for them to enter. Simply assign a Tag to a user, and define when and where that Tag can go.

What is a repeater? A repeater is an extension in case the signal doesn’t cover the distance between IQ and locks. A maximum of 6 repeaters can be connected to an IQ, either directly to the IQ or through another repeater (for up to 3 layers).

What is a Wall reader? The SALTO KS Wall Reader incorporates the cutting-edge design standard of the XS4 2.0 product range. In combination with the SALTO KS Controller, it facilitates the expansion of SALTO access control benefits to all those doors where a stand-alone electronic lock cannot be fitted, i.e. barriers, lifts, sliding doors or electronic gates to provide your facility with a complete security solution.

Find an overview of the hardware here.

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