What is “Installer Access”?

When an installer starts working on a site, the installer can add devices, attach and detach devices without a Code to setup the site. Once an installation has been released to the Owner, an installer no longer has access to the site. If an installer needs to work on a site (e.g. add devices or modify the site), the installer can be granted 'Installer Access' so that the installer can temporarily gain access to the site and does not require a Code to attach /detach hardware to the current site.

At this moment, Installer access only allows the installer to add a new IQ to an existing site and to add repeaters and doors to that IQ. It is currently not possible to add repeaters or doors to existing IQs.

Installer access enables an installer to work on a released site, without having to login as the Owner and without the need for Codes to perform actions that usually would require a Code.

What is the Code?

The Code is an encrypted 5-character code, comparable to those used in on-line banking applications. This encryption is unique and is only known and shared by your app and your IQ. This means that it is not stored anywhere else. Also, since only your app and your IQ are involved, you are the only person who has full control over any modification in the site. A Code is only valid for 3 minutes, which increases the security.

When do I need to generate a new Code?

  • For remote door opening, when this takes place via the Internet.

  • To put your doors into Office Mode, when this is performed via the Internet.

  • If the Owner wants to change the hardware configuration in the “Account” section.

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