Why and when do I need a Code?

A Code is required to perform sensitive actions:

  • Attaching a lock to an IQ

  • Attaching a repeater to an IQ

  • Detaching a lock from an IQ

  • Detaching a lock from an IQ

  • Performing a remote opening through the web interface (app.saltoks.com )

  • Placing a door into office more through the web interface (app.saltoks.com )

When you perform a remote opening or place a door into Office Mode through the mobile application, a Code is still required and will be generated, however the Code is not displayed to you nor do you need to enter the Code in the mobile application. The Code is, in this case processed automatically by the app, making the app easier to use and more user friendly. The security measures are still in tact as you are the only one that has access to your mobile phone and know the PIN of your mobile application.

A Code is needed as an extra security measure when you use the web interface (app.saltoks.com ) to perform any of the actions listed above. We believe credentials based on e-mail address and password is a secure way of logging in, however as an added security measure, the use of a Code ensures that the action is actually performed by the account holder and not by someone who has just gained access to the account holder’s account. To generate a Code, the user needs to have access to the mobile device where the user has logged into the mobile application and where the IQ has been activated.

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