There may be times when requests to the API are not successful, due to a variety of reasons. In all cases when an error occurs, our API will return an appropriate HTTP status code and an error message description. For most errors, such as if a resource is not found, the API will return a 404 status code.

Below you can find an overview of possible error codes and what they mean.

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HTTP Status code
Error code
4001100The request received is invalid
404 ???1101Value of '{parameterName}' is invalid.
4001102The OData filter format is invalid.
4011500Unauthorized request
4001501Activation code invalid
5002201An internal error has occurred. Please contact the administrator
4032203Operation cannot be executed.
4002204Iq tree is invalid
4002205Offline access is invalid
4002206Replace iq is invalid
4002207Ava update is invalid


4002209Delete iq prerequisites are not met
4002210Site cannot be accessed if not released
2002211Tenant Certificate Sync failed for Iq
4032212You cannot access this feature on this site at this moment because you don’t have a valid subscription.
4002213Pod with this name already exists in site
4002214Locks can not be added to the pod because they are not part of the site
4002215At least one Pod Member must have an email.
4002216Can not add the same user to the Pod twice.
4002217Can't add member(s) to the Pod. They belong to another Pod in this site already.
4002218Can not add the same tag to different Pod members.
4002219New guest limit must be equal to or higher than the current number of guests.
4032220Can not perform this operation on the site user because they are a pod member. Please remove them from the pod first.
4002221Can not add all guests. Max guest amount reached for pod.
4002222Locks can not be used because they are not part of the pod.
4002223Migration aborted
???3010ClpFunctionException ???


Ccc generic exception
408 / 404 / 400 / 403 / 500


Ccc command failed due to iq error.


Ccc operation cannot be executed.



Ccc entity not found


Iq is offline it is not connected to CCC

5003201RequestFailedException ???
4004101Invalid try to send a message
4004201We could not invite the user
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